The Potty Gang: Day Two

The Potty Gang: Day Two

Backyard Adventures

The puppies woke us up with whimpering this morning. Vanessa came up with a way to take them outside. We set the puppies one at a time into a flexible plastic bucket with carrying handles to carry them outside together. As Chihuahuas, the Potty Gang may find themselves in a purse someday. So, they might as well experience various transportation methods.

The Gang’s mother was at Fuzzy Friends and she is not a little Chihuahua. So, I’m not sure how big these guys will get but there are some big purses out there.

From the moment I first saw the Gang, I could see some personality differences. Powder and Roscoe already had their feet up on the baby gate at our approach. Chewie was curious but sitting back and waiting. Powder and Roscoe are high energy dogs. Roscoe is the first to go out, explore, and expand his territorial knowledge. Powder (or Powder Keg) likes to pounce on his brothers. My question, Is Chewie a medium energy or a low energy dog?


Chewie (below) loves being on someone’s lap. However, he is definitely a medium energy dog and not low energy or lethargic. Chewie takes a little more time to get going. He needs his post nap coffee. But once he gets going, he does as much exploring and play initiation as his brothers.

We take the puppies outside when they wake up. Today, all of them did all their business outside. Well, most of it. They still piddled occasionally on a pad in the big crate but the poop is outside. The weather has been beautiful here. So, hanging out outside with the Gang has been fun.

If the puppy play fights get to aggressive, Rolo nudges the overly excited culprit and gives a warning growl. I didn’t know he had it in him. I am projecting here but I think he wants them to get bigger faster so he can really join in on the action. He seems to respect their fragility.

The puppies are engaging the world in the proper doggy way, nose first. They love leaves and attempt to drag the biggest stick they can find. Chewie lives up to his name. Yet, their noses do not take them too far away before they come bounding back to check in with us or to ambush one of their brothers.

In the afternoon, we introduced the Gang to our bunnies, Ginger and Bluebell. We could not be sure how animals will react to each other but one can set conditions for a positive experience. The bunnies were in a dog crate outside. The Gang could roam freely around them. Our big dogs showed more interest in the bunnies than the puppies. It was a good first encounter.


Roscoe is the explorer of the group. He ranges farther away and is the first to go toward new sights and sounds. As you can see, he has the look of an intrepid hunter until he falls over on his puppy legs.

Roscoe the Intrepid Explorer 


Vanessa began calling Powder “Powder Keg”. He has explosive energy and is often the initiator of wrestling matches. He too likes to explore but returns to ambush his brothers or Rolo. Today, he discovered Rolo’s tail. Rolo leapt to safety.

Powder Keg at 7 Weeks

Biting Behaviour

Powder also has a tendency to use his teeth on people. However, no dog’s tooth should deliberately come in contact with human skin. This rule is one of our house rules. So, gently poking his neck with one or two fingers accompanied by a firm “No” or the Dog Whisperer’s “ch” sound (my preference), we tell him that is not allowed. If he persists, then he is gently set down or pushed away. His biting is in play but that behaviour is reserved for other dogs not people.

Often puppies and little dogs are allowed to use their teeth on people because it doesn’t hurt and can be cute. However, puppies grow up to be dogs and despite their size Chihuahua’s are not puppies forever. No one likes a nippy dog. Moreover, even a little dog can do harm or create fear in a child or instigate a fight with a bigger dog. So, we are practicing a no teeth on human skin rule from Day One.

Take a Lap

While Chewie is definitely the lap dog of the three, both Roscoe and Powder return regularly to our laps and can settle down for a good calm cuddle. While Chewie is the last to become active, he is often the last to get tired of play time. He too has ambushed his brother. We do not allow the dogs on furniture. But since these guys are a Gang of Chihuahua’s, we are anticipating that people will want to have them on their laps. So, they can be on our laps but they may not jump up on the furniture (at this stage, such a feat is not physically possible).

All in all, Day Two was a very positive and eventful day. All five dogs are exhausted.

February 19, 2016




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