The Potty Gang: Day Three

Potty Gang: Day Three

Today, we had a good routine down or at least Vanessa did. I slept in and, in the afternoon, I took Christopher and Caleb to our church’s annual car derby. Christopher won a second place trophy for car design. When we left, the puppies were sleeping in their crate. When we returned, Vanessa had the puppies outside to do their business and frolic. And frolic they did.

Meet the Neighbours

Our neighbors had their dog out and his brother was visiting. We have our neighbors dog over for play dates but the puppies were just too much for him, today. What was interesting was to see Toffee place herself between the chain link fence and the Potty Gang. Rolo too took a defensive posture and showed signs of aggression toward his playmate. The visiting dog was fairly calm and I brought one of the puppies tail first to the fence so he could sniff him. We will have to work with the neighbor’s dog, if we continue to foster and bring strange dogs into his neighborhood.

We worked with him when we first brought Rolo home. Toffee and he were playmates and I think both he and Rolo were a bit possessive of Toffee. Now, they play while Toffee is content to lay in the shade.

Chewie and Toffee

Roscoe and Rolo

Accidents Happen

At one point, Toffee charged down the fence line to address our neighbours dog and accidentally stepped on Powder. Powder yelped for about 30 seconds but no damage was done. Rolo showed concern and nudged him. A minute later Powder was back to his usual feisty self. Toffee was more careful around them for the rest of the day.

Today, we had no indoor accidents and I only see one yellow stain on the pad in their crate. We put a dog bed in the crate which is both something to attack and to curl up in. They also have a few chew toys to engage them, now.

It is delightful to watch these little guys tussle each other with their Mogwai or Ewok like growls (are my film references to old).

Backyard-time exhausts all the dogs. The two big dogs get tired just watching over the puppies. The Potty Gang wear each other out. Today, I walked slowly while Roscoe and Rolo followed me around the yard. Ideally, I would love to have a dog be trustworthy enough to be entirely off-leash but I am not sure I have the patience and energy to accomplish that goal.

Quick Learners

A few moments ago, the Gang woke up and whimpered to let us know they needed out. I loaded them in their basket and took them outside. They did their business. As it is a cooler evening (not by my Canadian standards), they did not want to be out long. Of their own accord, Chewie and Powder went over to the basket and climbed on it. Roscoe let me know he was done by attempting to climb my leg like a cat climbs a tree. They were all happy to get back in the basket and head into the house.

Are they out for the night? We shall see. 8:21 PM

Friday, February 20, 2016



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