The Potty Gang: Day Four

Here Comes the Rain

Today, Chewie, Roscoe, and Powder experienced rain for the first time (as far as I am aware). When I took them out to do their business, the rain had just started. It was not a cold day but they did not want to be out long and I did not want them to risk getting too wet.

Puppies in the Transportation Pod

The Potty Gang are doing very well in the potty department. As I sit beside the Gang sleeping in there kennel, I see one yellow spot on the pad with which the crate is lined. Except for the first day, they have not pooped inside the house. They whimper when they need to go out. However, for the most part, we are taking them shortly after they wake up from their nap.

Uncle Rolo’s Tail

Rolo is doing very well with the puppies. He really wants to play with them but they have short attention spans. He will nudge them with his nose to initiate. However, most of the time, these efforts are met with the pups rolling over into a totally submissive posture. Still, when they have the all clear, they will return to Uncle Rolo to offer a counter-attack.Today, they discovered Rolo’s tail. Up until now, when they got to close, Rolo would get up quickly and move to face his attacker. Today, when they attacked his tail, Rolo remained where he was for a little while.

Chewie Attacking Uncle Rolo’s Tail 

When the Gang are play fighting amongst themselves, Rolo will intervene if things get out of hand. Having watched many episodes of The Dog Whisperer, I am trusting Rolo to tell me things about the pups that I may miss from my merely human perspective. So, what I have noticed is that Rolo first nudges one of the pups and then if things persist he nudges a little more forcefully separating that pup from the doggy pile. This pup is often but not exclusively Chewie.

What I am assuming (and am happy have my skills of perception honed if I am wrong) is that Rolo is removing the most excited brawler from the situation to calm things down. It usually works.

Now, given my previous ideas and comments about Chewie, it surprises me that he is the culprit. Yet, as I wrote in a previous post, while Chewie is on average a medium energy dog, slower to get going, and appreciative of lap time, he can still give as good as he gets. He is certainly not lethargic.

Playing in the Hall

Due to the rain, this afternoon, Vanessa took the dogs out to a sheltered area in the front of the house for the dogs to do their business. Then we blocked off our hallway to make a play area for the dogs. We are slowly expanding their territory in our house. We not only practice this slow growth of allowable area with the puppies but we practiced this with Toffee and Rolo when they came home with us too. They need to earn space. We may not have our foster pups long enough for them to  roam freely about the house.


Caleb with Powder

The Gang made their way along our laps as we sat in the hall. Roscoe played hide and seek with Rolo behind my back. However, the most exciting toy for the puppies was an empty water bottle. It is like small children. Buy them a toy and they will play with the box and the paper.

The puppies have been good for family time. I feel like I have been hearing less “Can we get on the XBox?” from the boys. The older dogs are enjoying it too. As when the whole pack is with the puppies, they know they are going to get some love too.

All in all it was another good day with the Potty Gang.




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