The Potty Gang: Day Two

The Potty Gang: Day Two

Backyard Adventures

The puppies woke us up with whimpering this morning. Vanessa came up with a way to take them outside. We set the puppies one at a time into a flexible plastic bucket with carrying handles to carry them outside together. As Chihuahuas, the Potty Gang may find themselves in a purse someday. So, they might as well experience various transportation methods.

The Gang’s mother was at Fuzzy Friends and she is not a little Chihuahua. So, I’m not sure how big these guys will get but there are some big purses out there.

From the moment I first saw the Gang, I could see some personality differences. Powder and Roscoe already had their feet up on the baby gate at our approach. Chewie was curious but sitting back and waiting. Powder and Roscoe are high energy dogs. Roscoe is the first to go out, explore, and expand his territorial knowledge. Powder (or Powder Keg) likes to pounce on his brothers. My question, Is Chewie a medium energy or a low energy dog? —>