The Potty Gang Find Forever Homes (Almost)

About two weeks ago, we left Powder at Fuzzy Friends Rescue when the Gang was taken for their check-up. Three was not much more work than two but we wanted to work on individual crate time (as I wrote about in another post). Powder was quickly adopted by a family that had previously adopted from Fuzzy Friends.


Roscoe, Rolo, and Chewie gang up on Toffee.
On Monday, Vanessa returned Roscoe and Chewie to Fuzzy Friends. It was time for them to be neutered. We decided that they could do their recovery time at the rescue. Now, in all honesty, Vanessa and I asked each other whether we should adopt one of them. Roscoe was my favorite. I love his personality and he is just cuddly enough. Chewie was her favorite. He is incredibly soft. He loves cuddles. He will make someone a real good lap dog.

The decision to let them go rather than keep one or both of them was made easier when someone we know applied to adopt Roscoe. The adoption was approved and he goes to his forever home today.


Roscoe convinces Chewie that the tail end is the dangerous end.
Chewie is still awaiting someone to take him home. He is very cute wearing his “cone of shame.” (See Pixar’s UP for reference) While Roscoe has piercing eyes, Chewie’s eyes have a very soft and inquisitive expression. His fur was a little longer than his brothers’ fur and incredibly soft. If you are in the Waco area and you are considering adopting a dog, you better be quick. Of course, they have a brother Spencer who is hanging out beside them.


Chewie and I on a chilly day. Our fur matches.
We saw both Chewie and Roscoe, yesterday. They were wearing their cones. Both puppies were excited to see us and eager for cuddles. But even in their excitement, they were the perfect little gentleman we taught them to be.

I must say my perception of Chihuahuas has been transformed by this experience.

So, what were we doing at Fuzzy Friends. Well, I’ll tell you about our new guests Kodiak (like the bear) and Roscoe (that’s right another Roscoe), in my next post, tentatively entitled “From The Potty Gang to The Lab-atory Crew” — probably not. Although, given what we found this morning, maybe. . . 


The Potty Gang: Day One

The Potty Gang: Day One

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Decision:

In October, our long time family member Boci (Boatsie), a 16 year old English Spring Spaniel died peacefully in our home. Boci was the eldest of three dogs in our pack. My wife had Boci since before we were married. Boci was adopted from a couple going through a divorce. Our other two dogs are also rescues.


Toffee, our big girl, is a German Shepherd mix. She is about 4 years old. We adopted her from Fuzzy Friends a local animal shelter and rescue.

Rolo, is my buddy and my therapy dog. Rolo is a mix of something and something else. He is a mediums sized dog with Rottweiler style coloring. We found Rolo (or Rolo found us) while my two of my sons and I were playing Frisbee Golf in a local park. It happened to be my youngest son’s birthday. He never made it to the shelter.

I will tell you more about our other dogs in later posts. This post is about the newest members of our pack, the Potty Gang. Continue reading