The Potty Gang: The Second Week

While writing a daily update would be ideal, as you can imagine, life was full even before the Potty Gang entered the picture.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

They settle in for the night a few hours before we do. It takes us by surprise sometimes. Surely, we think, they are going to want to go out one more time to do their business. But we let sleeping dogs lie.


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The Potty Gang: Day Four

Here Comes the Rain

Today, Chewie, Roscoe, and Powder experienced rain for the first time (as far as I am aware). When I took them out to do their business, the rain had just started. It was not a cold day but they did not want to be out long and I did not want them to risk getting too wet.

Puppies in the Transportation Pod

The Potty Gang are doing very well in the potty department. As I sit beside the Gang sleeping in there kennel, I see one yellow spot on the pad with which the crate is lined. Except for the first day, they have not pooped inside the house. They whimper when they need to go out. However, for the most part, we are taking them shortly after they wake up from their nap.

Uncle Rolo’s Tail

Rolo is doing very well with the puppies. He really wants to play with them but they have short attention spans. He will nudge them with his nose to initiate. However, most of the time, these efforts are met with the pups rolling over into a totally submissive posture. Still, when they have the all clear, they will return to Uncle Rolo to offer a counter-attack. Continue reading

The Potty Gang: Day One

The Potty Gang: Day One

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Decision:

In October, our long time family member Boci (Boatsie), a 16 year old English Spring Spaniel died peacefully in our home. Boci was the eldest of three dogs in our pack. My wife had Boci since before we were married. Boci was adopted from a couple going through a divorce. Our other two dogs are also rescues.


Toffee, our big girl, is a German Shepherd mix. She is about 4 years old. We adopted her from Fuzzy Friends a local animal shelter and rescue.

Rolo, is my buddy and my therapy dog. Rolo is a mix of something and something else. He is a mediums sized dog with Rottweiler style coloring. We found Rolo (or Rolo found us) while my two of my sons and I were playing Frisbee Golf in a local park. It happened to be my youngest son’s birthday. He never made it to the shelter.

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