The Potty Gang: Vacuum Training 101

While the Potty Gang (Roscoe, Powder, and Chewie) were in our care, we wanted to make their transition to their “forever homes” as smooth as possible. So, we exposed them to strange and exciting things that they might encounter in their new surroundings like the “Dreaded Vacu’um” which roars loudly and sucks up anything in its path, including dog hair and treats.

So one afternoon, Vanessa and I made of game of it with the puppies. We brought our vacuum out into the middle of the room. First, we played with the puppies around the still quiet monster. We placed treats around it and for the really daring on it.

Second, Vanessa lured the Gang a little distance away with treats and played with them. At this point, I turned the vacuum on. The puppies scattered at the sound. It is loud and sudden no matter how you do it.

 With the vacuum on, we lured the puppies back out with treats. Then, I turned the vacuum off. While the vacuum was quiet, we repeated the game where we placed treats on the vacuum. The Gang needed a little more encouragement. Chewie felt much safer under the piano bench.

We repeated this process a few times. Each time, the treats were given a little closer to the running vacuum. We kept playing the game until all the puppies took a treat from off the Dreaded Vacu’um at full roar.

It was a fun afternoon with the puppies and good quality time for a husband and wife.


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